With over 150 years of innovation, we have developed clinically proven, graduated compression socks and hosiery that keep legs looking and feeling great every step of your life. From dress to sport, our products are designed to match your personal lifestyle.

Benefits of Compression

Why Legs Love It!

Graduated compression energizes your legs every day! All of our socks and hosiery feature compression that gradually decreases up the leg to support blood flow upward toward your heart. Improving circulation can help prevent varicose veins, spider veins, and swelling, plus keep energy in every step you take all day long.


Our complete women’s line features knee-highs, thigh-highs (Stay-ups), tights, maternity tights, athletic socks and athletic sleeves. All of our products feature the health benefits of graduated compression.


From wool to microfiber, our complete men’s line features an innovative assortment of socks and sports compression products designed to keep legs energized and healthy.

How to Choose

Select a style and compression degree that best suits your needs and desired benefits. Based on your measurements, choose a size, fabric, and preferred fit for your ideal comfort level.