Care Recommendations:

You may machine wash on gentle cycle using lukewarm water and a mild soap (we suggest using SIGVARIS Washing Solution or Ivory Soap for hand washing).

For sheer hosiery, hand washing is recommended. To protect the garment during washing, we recommend using a lingerie bag. Rinse well and air dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners and avoid tumble drying.

For best results with trouser socks, turn socks inside-out before washing.

Hosiery with Sensinnov® Band
(Headliner Thigh)

If the band loses its tackiness, soak in sink of hot water at 105 °F (the water will be hot to the touch). Roll in a terry towel and hang to dry.


Sharp fingernails, rings, and bracelets may cause damage when putting on and removing hosiery. Do not cut or pull loose ends, which sometimes appear on the inside of the garments.

Please take care in donning sheer products to prevent finger holes.