Benefits of Compression

Graduated Compression - Why Legs Love It!

Graduated compression energizes your legs every day! All of our socks and hosiery feature compression that gradually decreases up the leg to support blood flow upward toward your heart. Improving circulation can help prevent varicose veins, spider veins, and swelling, plus keep energy in every step you take all day long.

How To Choose

Depending on your existing conditions and needs, choose your compression level. Then select a product and style that best suits your taste and lifestyle. Finally, choose a fit based on your measurements to ensure efficacy and comfort. We're here to help. Click if you would like assistance.

From 15-30
based on your symptoms
and needs.


Pick the style
that matches your taste.
Fashionable, lightweight,
and breathable for
all-day wearing.


Find the right
fit for your ideal
level of comfort
and mobility.


From Merino wool to
a unique spandex/nylon
blend, pick a fabric
that you prefer.


How to Wear

Putting On and Taking Off

Compression garments are manufactured differently than traditional hosiery and socks. They are designed to be tightest at the ankle and decrease in compression going up the leg to promote upward blood flow.

We recommend that you don't "bunch" the product when trying to put it on. Instead, fold the product in half and slide your feet in and then pull them the rest of the way up. Finally, go back and smooth or adjust the fabric as needed.

Laundering and Care Instructions

Care Recommendations


Our objective is to produce the best compression garments in the world to enhance our customers’ health and quality of life. We are dedicated to helping legs look and feel their best. Using premium yarns, we’ve spun ourselves into the worldwide leader in graduated compression socks and hosiery by embracing our core beliefs of QUALITY, COMFORT, FIT, and INNOVATION.

  • QUALITY — Our products are trusted by physicians, clinicians, patients, and athletes worldwide. SIGVARIS maintains rigorous quality standards from our premium to economy lines.
    • Guaranteed color fastness.
    • Graduated compression effect lasts for six months when worn daily or more than 100 washing cycles.
  • COMFORT — By offering the most comfortable textile fibers available around the world, our products are clinically proven to help legs feel their best.
    • Increased comfort of double-covered yarn.
  • FIT — Our products are designed to fit comfortably while offering therapeutic results.
  • INNOVATION — We use the finest textiles and materials to create fashion-forward styles. Our research and development team is constantly hard at work sourcing the most innovative technology and high-tech fibers available on the market to create compression wear that is both stylish and innovative.

The SIGVARIS Guarantee

We guarantee the compression levels in all our products. All products pass rigorous internal and external laboratory testing to ensure accurate compression levels. We guarantee the compression level of all of our products as stated on the box. This compression level is guaranteed to last for at least six months.

Note: If you experience daily pain or notice visible problems on your legs such as spider veins, swelling, or varicose veins, learn more about chronic vein disease at and be sure to consult with your physician.