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With more than 150 years of innovation, we have developed clinically proven, graduated compression socks and hosiery to keep legs looking and feeling great every step of your life. From dress to sport, our products are designed to match your lifestyle.


HEADLINER Opaque Hosiery makes it easy to look flawless and feel beautiful every day of the week. This innovative hosiery concept provides the look of designer fashion tights with the added health benefits of graduated compression to energize legs.



Featuring the added power of graduated compression, this patterned hosiery line gives legs the energy to be the star of the show, any day of the week. These chic, comfortable tights and thigh-highs (Stay-ups) are a great addition to any wardrobe for work, play, or dress.


Baby Your Legs

Luxuriously soft, lightweight, and breathable, BABY YOUR LEGS Tights are designed to give you the extra support you need while you carry your baby bump. These soft tights help reduce pregnancy related swelling in the legs and feet and also aid in preventing varicose and spider veins.


Performance Sleeves

Designed for athletes, triathletes, and active individuals, the PERFORMANCE SLEEVES feature medical-grade graduated compression. These sleeves help improve circulation, reduce swelling on active muscles, flush out lactic acid, alleviate delayed onset muscle soreness, minimize shin splints, and even help prevent injuries.


Performance Socks

Recommended by athletic trainers and sports physicians worldwide, SIGVARIS medical-grade, graduated compression PERFORMANCE SOCKS help improve circulation, reduce vibrations on active muscles, and flush out lactic acid post workout. These premium PERFORMANCE SOCKS give you the extra edge you need to Peak your Performance.



Replenish and reenergize your legs with the KEYNOTE MICROFIBER SOCKS. These innovative socks provide superior comfort for those who are on their feet, all-day long. These unique socks are designed to restore and improve circulation in tired, achy legs. From the office desk to dinner and everything in between, these socks deliver.



Made from the finest Merino Wool, VENTURIST Merino Wool socks give legs the energy to take on any adventure. Softer than cashmere and crafted with natural fibers, these itch-free socks are ideal for travel and do not need to be washed daily.


Merino Outdoor

Finally a line of compression socks tough enough to tackle the great outdoors! Crafted from the finest Merino Wool, MERINO OUTDOOR SOCKS are designed to feel soft and comfortable against the skin. Both breathable and durable, these socks are also both thermo-regulating and moisture-wicking to keep your feet warm or cool – depending on the season.